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Job Description

Photography is an infant in the world of visual arts. It has only been in existence for a few hundred years. However, it has made a name for itself within the expanding world of the visual arts. Originally, photography was limited by the boundaries of visual reality. With time, professionals in the field have tested the rules of reality. This is becoming even more evident with the advent of computer technology. Now the skies are no limit.

Median Annual Salary


Educational Requirements

Professional photographers benefit from formalized education at institutions that specialize in the art of rendering photography. A major in photography provides studies in the aesthetic and practical areas of camera-generated imagery. Black & white and color photography are taught using traditional darkroom techniques, and using cutting edge technology with computer-generated and manipulated images and digital photography.

Job Outlook

Demand for portrait photographers should increase as the population grows. Moreover, growth of Internet versions of magazines, journals, and newspapers will require increasing numbers of commercial photographers to provide digital images. The Internet and improved data management programs also should make it easier for freelancers to market directly to their customers, increasing opportunities for self-employment and decreasing reliance on stock photo agencies.

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