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What to Do When A New Logo Goes Bad

What to Do When A New Logo Goes Bad

Mike Lenhart

I recently came across an online review/rant about a new logo design for the New York City taxi fleet. We all love that sea of yellow that comes rolling downtown in NYC, right? (especially when it’s raining). Well, come to find out that what was to be an idea of upgrading the look of the cars and giving a new brand to a portion of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, turned out to be a typographer’s nightmare.

The uproar is over the mixed typefaces, mainly. Not only are the fonts wrong, but the spacing is also pretty bad. What went wrong and, more importantly, how could the Big Apple do this?

According to Core77, the firm of Wolff Olins got the job to do this, beating out Smart Design. (However, the TLC site gives credit to Smart Design – what gives?) If Wolff Olins sounds familiar, these are the same folks who designed another rather controversial logo – the one for the 2012 London Olympics. You’ve seen that one, right? Here it is again:

Core77 also had an iteration of another logo that could’ve been used for the NYC taxis and it’s quite good.

Who did it, though? I’m not sure. But, it is clever, classic, and I could see it on tshirts, proudly worn by cabbies and normal joes and janes alike. Oh, what missed opportunities arise when a brand or logo change is done by committee. Sheez!

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