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10 Ways Artists Can Overcome Spring Fever

10 Ways Artists Can Overcome Spring Fever

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

8. If you are not a member of Facebook or Twitter, give social media a try.

This is the best way to combat loneliness in the studio! Social media connects you with other creative individuals who are willing to offer support, inspiration and information in their networking circles. Twitter and Facebook are easy ways to meet other artists and promote your art or business.

9. Spring clean your workspace because this is important!

Again, I know from personal experience that a messy, cluttered studio or office adds to a feeling of dread. A clean workspace makes for better productivity!

10. Try a new medium!

Maybe you have always wanted to try sculpting in clay, or abstract painting or what about planting a garden or building your own outdoor painting pochade box? Pick up your old sketchbook and doodle. Or, maybe it’s time to put down the paintbrushes and give yourself permission to read a good book. This is something I need to do from time to time. I know from personal experience, that a great book can transport your imagination and lift your spirits in ways that will reflect positively in your artwork.

Many of the above ideas are helping me and I am feeling productive again. I have taken some much-needed breaks, cleaned my studio and even went on a trip to Canada! Now, I am ready to get back to painting and blogging.

If you feel blue or are suffering from Spring Fever, science proves that social connections are one of the best treatments for depression, anxiety, and even disease. Study after study confirms that people with strong social connections live longer, happier lives. Remember, even though most of us work alone, being an artist does not have to mean a life committed to solitary confinement!

Have a solution for Spring Fever? Please leave a comment below!

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