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10 Ways Artists Can Overcome Spring Fever

10 Ways Artists Can Overcome Spring Fever

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

Here are some ideas to help combat Spring Fever:

1. Go out in the sunshine and get some much-needed Vitamin D, exercise and fresh air.

Exercise benefits your body and mind as it burns cortisol, which reduces the negative effects of stress and releases endorphins that block pain receptors and give you a feeling of euphoria. Many studies have shown that exercise reduces anxiety; even short periods of exercise, such as aerobics, walking, and jogging. Just a few minutes seems to help.

Could You Be a Successful Designer?

1. I draw (digitally included):

When solving a problem
Every day
When I feel like it

2. Check your work habits!

Spring is a good time to reevaluate your work habits. If your routine is not working for you, try mixing it up. Often times, a small change to your work schedule will help to make big changes in your productivity and happiness.

3. Give yourself permission to take a break.

Most artists are workaholics and don’t know when to stop. Be flexible. Flexible scheduling will allow you to balance your work life more effectively.

4. Sign up for a workshop.

This is a great way to expand your artistic knowledge and another way to meet and network with other like-minded people. I’m going to treat myself to a workshop next month!

5. Put all that daydreaming to work and use this time to create in your head.

Jot down some quick notes in a journal or sketchbook to record the great imaginative ideas that come mind!

6. Bring the outside in by opening the windows!

Fresh air does wonders. Experiment with bringing the outside in by decorating your workspace with flowers and houseplants. Many houseplants naturally purify the air. This freshness will help yield new ideas and perspectives.

7. If you have the time and money, nothing beats spring fever and work fatigue like taking a trip.

However, a trip can be as simple as a weekend get-away, a day at a favorite museum, aquarium or zoo or an elaborate cruise or island retreat. The options are endless, but the common denominator is just getting away from your work for at least for a full day.

Or take time and enjoy the last bit of winter. That’s right – maybe you haven’t taken the time to enjoy yourself this winter! Now is a good time to get out and enjoy the snow and brisk weather before it is all gone. Be sure and take your camera for some added inspiration.

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