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10 Ways Artists Can Overcome Spring Fever

10 Ways Artists Can Overcome Spring Fever

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

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This winter has been a bit too cold, long and confining for this native, California girl! I must admit I’ve caught Spring Fever, a common woe that strikes when the days begin to get longer and warmer. This time of year it is customary for people to blame Spring Fever for their restless or lazy behavior, distractions in the workplace and studio, sudden spurts of spring-cleaning and love struck dazes.

While watching the snow melt and waiting for flip-flop weather, I find my mind wandering and daydreaming about the beach, plein air painting in green pastures and feeling lazy, uninspired and wanting to play instead of work and paint. Normally, I am an extremely industrious person, so why do I feel overwhelmed and so unproductive? I am sure some of you are feeling the same way, so I decided to do a little research about Spring Fever and thought everyone might enjoy reading what I learned:

The definition of Spring Fever is: “A feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness brought on by the coming of spring.”

Historians believe that American colonists coined the term Spring Fever to refer to the weakness, fatigue and irritability many felt after a long winter without fresh fruits or vegetables — but actually, the colonists’ symptoms were scurvy.

Today scientists have discovered that long days of rain or snow and the lack of outdoor activities can make some people feel restless and sometimes even depressed. Medical research has attributed the phenomenon of Spring Fever in humans to seasonal changes. The change of seasons causes a realignment of the body’s chemistry to sunlight. These changes during spring can readjust the body’s chemistry, specifically the internal body clock that responds to sunlight.

Statistically, at least half of people who live in the northern latitudes of the United States and Canada experience the symptoms of Spring Fever more intensely. Longer sunny days seem to have a direct impact on people’s psychological and physiological responses to the passage of the seasons. So, scientists now know that spring fever is not just mental, but caused by an adjustment in body chemistry and seasonal biology!

Artists also have the added challenge of working alone most of the time. No wonder we want to stare out of our studio or office windows on a beautiful sunny day instead of work!

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