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The Art of Good Collaboration

The Art of Good Collaboration

Elisha-Rio Apilado

How to find an art partner and share artistic ideas successfully!

Collaboration is another word for teamwork. It’s the art of merging two or more creative whizzes, whether it is an artist and a writer, an artist and a photographer or an artist and a musician. This powerful partnership has the ability to create a massive explosion of creativity and result in an expanded, well thought out concept.

Collaboration is more than getting together to fuse your creative energy into a large piece of work. It doesn’t just happen in one day —it’s a long, committed process. But via this process, you will experience another person’s artsy mind and have the ability to dip yourself into another artist’s soul and hopefully take something from that (and I don’t mean stealing ideas) — think: styles, knowledge, processes. Collaboration allows artists to experiment, take chances, as well as learn from and teach others.

However, in order for this kind of creativity to reach it’s maximum potential, artists must follow these steps:

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