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Vital Safety Tips for Outdoor Painters

Vital Safety Tips for Outdoor Painters

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

Grizzly Bears:

• There are more grizzly bears in the wild now and they are more territorial than black bears.

• Humans are NOT the preferred food for grizzly bears.

• Treat a grizzly differently than a black bear.

• If you surprise one, avoid contact and back away slowly.

• Do not run…their instinct is to chase prey.

• Climb a big tree if you can — these bears can push down smaller trees.

• Guns are less effective on grizzlies.

• Bear spray should be your first line of defense; unfortunately, the bear has to get close to you!

• If the Grizzly does attack, lie on your stomach and play dead. When the bear doesn’t feel threatened anymore, it will usually retreat.

• People who run, panic or fight a grizzly end up with the worse injuries from a grizzly attack.

Mountain Lions:

• Lions are quiet, sneaky and usually attack from behind.

• Get BIG, bold and loud.

• Stand tall and wave your arms.

• Throw rocks and/or pick up a big stick – use it!

• A lion’s nose is very sensitive to bear spray, so use it!

• If a mountain lion does attack you, it will go for your head or neck first.

• Fight back as hard as you can. My friend saved his daughter from a mountain lion mauling by poking out its eyes (gross…sorry for that!).


• Although healthy wolves usually do not attack humans, their population is on the rise and therefore it’s good to know what to do. Attacks are rare, but not unheard of…

• Defense against them is the same as the black bear and mountain lion.

• Get BIG and fight!

• Throw rocks and sticks.

• If a wolf thinks it is going to get beaten, it will back away.

• Maintain eye contact, do not run or turn your back.

• Where there is one wolf, there are usually two…so keep a sharp eye behind you.

• If you have a gun, fire off shots in the air.

• Wolves usually attack the back of the leg to cripple its prey.

• Bear spray should work on this wild canine.

• If not, do you best to climb a tree!

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