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Vital Safety Tips for Outdoor Painters

Vital Safety Tips for Outdoor Painters

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

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Painting pretty pictures in the great outdoors is not a walk in the park. In fact, plein air painting is tough work. It takes us from the controlled environment of our studios and into the unpredictable environment of Mother Nature.

Outdoor painting with a pochade box is a wonderful experience, but believe it or not, there are some hazards the artist should be aware of and prepared for when painting outside. The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to adequately prepare for the safety of your trip ahead of time and it is important to know what to do if trouble arises.

Whether you are painting next to your car or backpacking in the wilderness, it’s good to be informed of the following safety tips for outdoor painters — especially the extreme outdoor painter. But, these tips apply to any nature enthusiast who enjoys playing, hiking, biking or photography in the great outdoors. When I am in the remote back country I always travel in numbers. I don’t carry a gun, but I always carry Bear Spray on my hip in a water-bottle holder. Living and painting in the Rocky Mountains, I personally have had encounters with lightening, blizzards, black bears, moose, coyotes, snakes, a mountain lion, a wolf, and of course, a strange person or two.

Safety Tips:


The buddy system is always the safest way to travel and paint, but if not, be sure and tell someone where you are going and when you will be returning.


Before you venture off into the wilds of the countryside or mountains, be sure to acquaint yourself with the area.


Your kit can prove invaluable if you or a member of your group suffers a cut, bee sting or allergic reaction. Pack antiseptics for cuts and scrapes, tweezers, insect repellent, bug spray, a snakebite kit, pain relievers, and sunscreen.

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