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25 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Art

25 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Art

Carolyn Edlund | ArtsyShark

20. List your Business in Directories

Is your studio listed on It’s free. Add your listing to Google search and other business directories to get the attention of local buyers. List your website address in online directories of artists and craftspeople, providing a way for potential customers to find you.

21. Print Postcards of Your Work

Choose several professionally-taken photos of your work and have a selection of postcards printed. Use these in mailings to your customer list, to hand out at shows, or as leave-behinds for business contacts.

22. Seek out Corporate Markets

Is your artwork appropriate for hanging in hotels, offices and other business environments? Submit your portfolio to corporate art advisers, or get in touch with buyers for hotel chains and make a presentation of your work for consideration. Sometimes framers work with these clients and you may be able to make a strategic partnership with a framer to help promote your work.

23. Open Your Studio.

Does your city or community offer any “open studio” events where artists invite the public to see their work space and purchase their art? Participate in these, or have your own open studio by choosing dates, sending postcards, advertising and sending out press releases well in advance. This can coincide with the holidays, when certain towns invite the public to view homes decorated for a “holiday tour." Open your studio and let your guests view your work for possible gift ideas.

24. Get involved with Public Art.

A relatively new phenomenon, public art allows artists to get exposure they ordinarily would not receive.

25. Constantly Seek Opportunities.

There are many publications out there listing opportunities for artists and craftspeople to sell work. From trade magazines to website directories, you can find shows, exhibitions, projects and venues to publicize yourself and your work. Subscribe, whether in paper or online, and plan to read them regularly. Don’t miss out on ways to build your business and grow your customer base!

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