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25 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Art

25 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Art

Carolyn Edlund | ArtsyShark

16. Cultivate Buyers in Your Niche

Get involved with people who enjoy and support your chosen niche. Is your work animal-related? Attend ASPCA and charity events for animal rescue. Do you create nautical art? Participate in waterfront, sailing events and clean water causes. Donate some work to help raise money and awareness. Get to know the people who run events, and participate in groups for your cause. Subscribe to publications and websites that support your niche.

17. Advertise

This may be in a newspaper, magazine, on related websites or even Google AdSense ads. Use compelling images of your work. If necessary, get professional help from freelance writers or marketing consultants.

18. Volunteer

Help out at a local art event or sale. Get to know the people who support the arts and enjoy participating. They can often introduce you to many others in that community who can help spread the word about you. Plus, you get the satisfaction of being a volunteer and helping others.

19. Participate at a Decorator Show House Event

Many areas around the country have seasonal decorator shows where a large house is transformed by many interior designers and they are well-attended. Vendors at these homes usually get exposed to a crowd of affluent buyers and can make lots of money in sales.

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