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25 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Art

25 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Art

Carolyn Edlund | ArtsyShark

6. Apply to Exhibitions

Keep sending in applications to shows that suit your work. Show up personally to shows you get in to and to speak with visitors. This will lead to sales and commissions.

7. Write About Yourself

Write an article about yourself and your work, or have an article written about you. Does your work involve anything unusual or complex? Explain your techniques, using lots of photos. Post your article on ezines, your blog, or use them in press releases.

8. Regularly Send out Press Releases

Any time you have news, whether it is a show you are participating in, a new body of work you have created, or if you just want to publicize your work, you can send out press releases, by email and on paper. Send them to trade publications, local newspapers, large newspapers, blogs and news organizations. Photos of yourself and your work are essential. Most importantly, tell your story. The press is always looking for interesting stories for their readers. And face it, you’re interesting!

9. Cultivate Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are like gold and you want to encourage them whenever possible. So, how to get referrals? Ask for them! When you send out an email newsletter to your existing customer list, ask them to refer any friends who may be interested in your work. You may want to offer a discount or a gift card for these referrals. And be sure to thank anyone who gives you one!

10. Respond to Requests from the Press

The flip side of press releases is to respond to reporters looking for interviews, such as HARO. Also consider writing articles for publication on popular sites such as Fine Art Views who solicit them. Drive readers to your website by providing a link and then when they get there . . .

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