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Should Artists Blog?

Should Artists Blog?

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

Tutorials, essays, and experiments are extremely valuable in revealing details about the process of art creation that is all too often overshadowed by final pieces. Perfection is certainly laudable. But sometimes the bad ideas are as revealing, interesting, and thought provoking as the good. The artist can see what parts of his creative process work, what parts don’t, and why. But artists’ blogs need not only showcase personal works. A creative mind sees the world in a different way, and an artist blogger brings a unique perspective to other artwork, current events, and other forms of creative expression.

A blog like Book Paper Scissors is a collection of some of the most unique illustrations being created today by both professionals and casual artists. Such blogs not only provide budding illustrators with publicity, but also present a fascinating picture of the zeitgeist of modern illustration. Glancing over Book Paper Scissors reveals a common love of complex line work, simple but vibrant colors, and odd cutout type shapes.

Art Hound, another artist blog, not only displays the bloggers’ work, but also offers a unique service that pairs buyers with art that would fit with the design and style of their home. Individualized services like this help connect people with ‘good art’ and bring the artists revenue.

So, if you are an artist and wondering ‘why blog?’ consider this:

• Blogging can help bring the world to your art and your art to the world.
• It can help share your unique perspective on the world as a creative individual.
• It allows you to connect with budding artists and become a mentor, role model, and teacher. It can broaden your artistic horizons, teach you new things about art creation, but more importantly about your own work.

So, should artists write blogs? Not just write — but illustrate, design, and create a blog? Emphatically — yes!

Guest author: Blogging expert and SEO genius, Yan Susanto
Yan Susanto has retired from blogging scene to focus on behind-the-scene SEO gigs for a group of private clienteles. Some of his latest works involve e-commerce sites that capitalize on the growing popularity of Kindle covers and Kinect Games.

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