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Should Artists Blog?

Should Artists Blog?

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

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Professionals artists and novices alike would agree that art lends itself to solitude. From the studio to the gallery — both creating and viewing art tends to be an individualized experience. But is this a necessity of the field, or just a bad habit?

Art blogs help artists to reach beyond the canvas or the computer screen and make contact with thousands of other creatives all across the world.

Many artists have done just this. Blogging provides any creative-minded individual the opportunity to share their work with the world at large. Blogging, combined with social media and online art communities offers artists a unique opportunity for self-promotion, expanded viewership, and ultimately, contacts with buyers.

Although galleries are still important to the professional artist, gone are the days of galleries and exhibitions as the primary means of sharing and selling art. Today, online art communities like and allow artists to showcase their best work. But individual blogs have their place as well in connecting the artist to a larger community of viewers, fans, and fellow artists. While most artists strive to create finished pieces ready for display and sale, the creative process itself is equally, if not more important.

Blogs allow artists to show works in progress. Thus, the artist can receive feedback and criticism before the work is finalized, make changes, and contemplate new ideas and suggestions. Posting works in progress on blogs can also help budding artists learn about new artistic techniques and see the creative process from start to finish as presented by the more experienced blogger.

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