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How To Write a Press Release for Art Events

How To Write a Press Release for Art Events

John R. Math |

The rest of the press release is considered “The Body” of the release and will contain the following components:


The dateline contains the date of the press release. This is a very important component because press releases are time sensitive. It is imperative to add this information so the reader knows if the news is old, new, newsworthy or still valid. This section also contains the release’s city of origin.


The introduction of the press release is the paragraph that should answer the following: who, what, when, where and why. It should hearken back to the summary, but never repeat it.


The details of the press release are contained in the following paragraphs and will explain, provide background for and detail the thoughts contained in the introduction section.

The body (details) should be made up of at least two paragraphs. The paragraphs should contain five to 10 lines of copy.


The “About” section is a short paragraph that provides background information about the company or organization issuing the press release.

Contact Information

The “Contact Information” section contains the name of the issuing individual, their telephone number and email address, the company postal mailing address and the company’s URL.

Helpful Hints

• A press release should be written in the third person, as if someone else is writing about this event or news.

• Always send supporting images or graphics. An editor is more likely to take notice, as well as use the press release if it contains interesting pictures.

• Study the press releases of major companies or artists you’d like to emulate (all of their websites usually have a press section) and see how they have structured and written their press releases. There’s nothing wrong with replicating a press release, but never copy! By following the best, you’ll ensure your press release is appropriately formatted and this will vastly increase your chances of getting publicity.

• Finally, there are hundreds of free press release distribution companies online. Locate them and use them to your benefit the next time you have an art event, art exhibition or something that is newsworthy about your art. Your press releases will help you draw attention to your art and will also bring additional traffic to your website.

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