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10 Books Every Creative Pro Must Read

Elisha-Rio Apilado


9. Graphic Style from Victorian to Digital

Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast | Graphic Design History

This graphic arts history book contains an overview of graphic design styles from the industrial era to today. Each section contains iconic examples of graphic design and is accompanied by the history that inspired them.

Note from a Designer: Usually I find history books to be full of text, but this book includes many examples from different artists. Packed full of unique details about each era’s design characteristics, Graphic Style from Victorian to Digital helps designers find much inspiration from earlier works.

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10. The Designer’s Desktop Manual

Jason Simmons | Technical Guidelines

This book tackles the many common technical problems a graphic designer can encounter. It is full of hints, tips and explains the essential aspects of print and screen-based design. Step-by-step projects and insightful examples of type, color, imaging and layout are also featured.

Note from a Designer: All designers should keep this handy manual close by. I have found it extremely helpful when working on technical designs. It’s a great index for every design issue, problem or question. Not only does it help designers overcome conflicts, the examples within also serve as a terrific form of inspiration.

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