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10 Books Every Creative Pro Must Read

Elisha-Rio Apilado

3. Freelance Design In Practice: Don’t Start Work Without It

Cathy Fishel | Freelance Design

This book is a wonderful reference for freelance designers hoping to develop a long-term and successful career as their own boss. It includes many practical tips and strategies, from determining whether freelancing is right for you to dealing with legal issues. It covers all the fundamental aspects of life as a freelancer including: ideas for self-promotions, advice on negotiating legal matters (contracts/copyrights), and maintaining a work/life balance. This book also contains loads of advice and great examples from successful freelance designers.

Note from a Designer: I truly recommend this book for those who are fully ready to start up a freelancing career. It goes into detail about legal issues and self-promotion and introduces marketing skills, as well as many topics not taught in art school. Easy to read and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this book is bursting with inspiring works from clever freelance graphic designers.

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4. Thinking Creatively: New Ways to Unlock your Visual Imagination

Robin Landa | Inspiration

An inspirational guide, this book is all about helping designers open their imaginations to original forms of visual thinking and problem solving. It also includes 44 unique visual thinking exercises and a peek into the field of visual communications via 11 interviews with artists.

Note from a Designer: Thinking Creatively covers everything from basic to advanced methods of thinking through designs. Often times, designers fall into comfort zones or routines without even knowing it. This book reminds artists of the smaller, more overlooked elements of art and showcases these elements with enticing examples. I’m sure this read will quickly become your inspirational go-to.

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