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15 Awesomely Artistic Brew Labels

Elisha-Rio Apilado

8. Flying Dog Brewery

Where: Frederick, Maryland

After embarking on an amateur mountaineering expedition gone wrong, the owners of Flying Dog Brew stopped to catch their breath, thank their lucky stars and have a beer at a local pub. While downing their sorrows, the duo noticed a painting of a flying dog done by a local artist. Inspired by the painting, the soon-to-be beer makers adopted the idea that, if nobody tells you that you can’t, you can achieve anything. This mantra then sparked the branding behind Flying Dog Brewery.

Designer and illustrator Ralph Steadman does all the Flying Dog labels. His unusual artwork has become iconic for the brewery. Steadman is best known for his political and social cartoons, as well as his work with the late writer, Hunter S. Thompson — illustrating many of his articles and books.

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