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10 Secrets to Success in Art Licensing

Lance J. Klass

Secret #7 – Be Wary of “Niche” Markets

The other day I received some wonderful images of horses that an artist in the Midwest had painted. It was obvious to me from looking at her work that she loves horses and loved painting them. That’s fine, but that’s as far as it goes.

You see, her chosen subject matter falls in what we call a “niche” market because there are a very limited number of consumers in America who buy products with images of horses. True, there is a small and vital market for this type of art, especially in the card market and in certain regions of the country. There are even some wonderful artists who specialize in horses. But, they’re in the minority and not at the heart of the consumer art market.

It’s sort of like going to a party and deciding beforehand that you just want to date guys who are exactly 5’ 7", have brown hair and wear loafers. Yes, they’re out there, but why limit your range of options if you don’t have to?

I happen to be a devotee of fantasy and science fiction art and there are some wonderful artists in this field. But that being said, I have a devil of a time licensing such art to consumer-oriented companies because it just doesn’t appeal to the broad spectrum of American consumers.

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