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10 Secrets to Success in Art Licensing

Lance J. Klass

Secret #6 – Create Art in Sets of at least
Four Images

Artists often come to me with a broad smorgasbord of images, each one different in style, subject, size, format and design. That eclectic approach may work for selling originals in art galleries, but it doesn’t work for most art licensees.

Print companies in particular want to see sets of four or more images that obviously “fit” together. The same is true of many stationary, giftware, wall and home decor companies. They simply can’t design their products around one image, and if an image sells well they want to be able to add depth to their line. Plus, many people want to decorate their homes with sets of images rather than with single images.

Yes, calendar companies need 12 images for a calendar (some will want a 13th image for the cover) and card and needlework companies will occasionally pick up a stray image here and there — but most often companies want that set of four matching images.

If you have many different ideas for different types of art or subject material, then do different sets of four images each. But remember to think in terms of four images that obviously fit together. Your chances at licensing your art will greatly improve.

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