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5 Wacky Ways to Ditch Your Comfort Zone

Elisha-Rio Apilado

3. Scanners Don’t Just Copy,
They Create!

Sadly, people often think about scanners as just that machine that collects dust until a copy needs to be made. But as an artist you know better than that, right?

A scanner is more than just a copy maker — it’s a means of creating textures and rendering 3D images onto 2D surfaces. Think I’m nuts? Just crumple up a piece of paper, make rips, scratch it with pencil and then scan it. Are you surprised to see that the scanner has turned a crumpled mess into an interesting piece of art? Better yet, it’s right on your computer screen. What are you waiting for? Open up Photoshop and mess with it some more. Scanners capture the realness of the object and can add texture to backgrounds, reality to paintings and will undoubtedly stimulate your imagination.

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