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5 Wacky Ways to Ditch Your Comfort Zone

Elisha-Rio Apilado

1. Replace Your Art Supplies

After all, paintbrushes aren’t the only things that can be dipped into paint, right? So what if they’re manufactured to have a lovely smooth handle and come in every size and shape you could ever need? Put it down. Experiment a little.

All the tools you’ll ever need already exist in your own home! It’s as easy as grabbing a sponge, an old toothbrush, or even twigs and leaves from your yard. It might sound extreme but just remember — you’re living in a paintbrush world right now. By experimenting with these everyday objects, you can add magnificent new textures and strokes to your paintings.

For example, twigs can help achieve a chicken-scratch effect. Sponges can add texture and shading to your watercolor paintings. Even paint can be replaced with various liquids such as coffee or tea. I’ve even seen some artists paint with wine.

Not only is replacing your art supplies a great way to save money at the art store, it’s also an excellent method of expanding the ways you think and create.

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