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5 Wacky Ways to Ditch Your Comfort Zone

Elisha-Rio Apilado

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Did you know that most artists never (never!) experiment outside their comfort zone? Whether it’s a graphic designer who always uses the same typeface, a painter who only paints with acrylics or a photographer who just shoots portraits, most of us artists tend to settle with what we know. Does this sound familiar?

But, why is it so hard to ditch the familiar and explore new forms of creating? The answer is simple — It’s scary! We’re afraid to step outside our comfort zone. Artists, like most people, don’t like making mistakes. Face it, sticking to the familiar is way more comfortable! And, is it really such a bad thing?

Actually yes, it can be. Staying within your comfort zone can keep you from experimenting, being inspired, broadening your creativity and taking on new ventures. As artists, we must always keep an open mind — even to the most bizarre things!

Experimentation, variation and broadmindedness only help artists to be more creative. And, all ideas (from the logical to the absurd) must be given some thought. It might sound crazy, but sometimes the wackiest ideas and messiest experiments can leave you with the best results! From one artist to another: Don’t be afraid to embrace change or mistakes. For the sake of your art career, yourself and for your work, free yourself from disabling comfort zones and open yourself to extreme creativity!

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