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How To Sell Your Art on Facebook

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee


Painting by Caren Goodrich

More Information About Paypal — It’s Simple:

1. Sign up with an email address and link your new account to a credit card or bank account. This serves to verify who you are and also becomes a payment method if there are no funds (and there won’t be when you first sign up of course) in your PP account.

2. When someone sends me payment for a painting, they just log into Paypal, enter my email address and the money gets sent to me. Funds from my sales then collect in my account.

Helpful Tip: For more information, there are Paypal tutorials and FAQs here.

The whole experience of selling paintings for this cause has given me purpose, excitement, and direction in my art. It is a collaborative effort that benefits all involved. The art buyer receives a painting to brighten their walls or give as a gift, while the artist sells paintings and the horses have a second chance at life. In a down economy, people are still able to contribute to important causes.

My Expert Tip: Find a popular cause and donate part of your art sales — it just might help you in return!

About Caren: For 20 years Caren Goodrich galloped thoroughbred racehorses but now she is a full time artist, selling her art weekly on Facebook. Lori McNee met Caren on Facebook and asked her to share her forward-thinking art marketing tips. Lori McNee hopes Caren’s success helps inspire other artists to think outside the frame!

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