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How To Sell Your Art on Facebook

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee

3. I decided to keep the prices to a minimum and offer small canvases and paper pieces because they are easy to ship and are accessible to a wide range of people.

4. I also made sure that the galleries were available to be viewed by everyone, not just friends and family.


Collection June Foster Fry by Kelli Bickman

5. If someone was interested in buying a painting I advised that they PayPal the funds to my email address and put SOLD in the comments section. I also offered 50% of the proceeds to help develop art programs for at-risk youth in my community, a project dear to my heart as I am also the director.

6. After posting the images, I shared the portfolio with my friends and family and included personal messages to patrons who have purchased art from me in the past, asking them to share my art and post it on their Facebook wall.

“Within 48 hours I had sold 7 paintings.” – Kelli Bickman

It always feels great when paintings are sold because it keeps me on the path of creation. I tell potential clients that buying art is a lot like buying stock (but, of course, always buy what you love).

The stock is in the artwork but also in the artist’s career. As long as the artist continues to receive support and create new works of art, there is a good chance that their work will continue to appreciate in value. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

Many of my patrons continue to purchase work from me every year and have created substantial collections. For me, once a painting leaves the studio it is out of my mind, but the client lives with it and enjoys it for many years to come.

Facebook is all about sharing after all. Sharing images, creative ideas and information.

About Kelly: Kelli Bickman is a multi-media artist whose colorful artworks can be seen in paintings, murals, portraits and illustrations. She grew up on a farm in Minnesota, studied art in Wisconsin and London and moved to the West Village of New York City in 1995. Her unique talent spans fine art and illustration. Find Kelli on Facebook.

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