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Invite Creativity into Your Everyday Life

Invite Creativity into Your Everyday Life

Doug Farrick

Funny, when one thinks about creativity they often associate it with the arts, music, etc. But what about other parts of your life? How can you use creativity to re-invent those?

Of course, it makes since to discuss creativity in terms of the arts (as this IS an art blog) but I wanted to try to expand the perception of what might be possible in terms of BEING creative in your ENTIRE life.

It might be worthwhile to look at parts of your life and see where you might like to be more creative.

You might ask, “Why do I have to be more creative? What’s wrong with life as it is now?” and I would say, “You tell me.” Maybe nothing feels out of sync for you. That’s great. But what about this 1 or 2 or 3 areas where I really want some different results.

Creativity can give you that. It’s our life force. It is a wonderful, playful, light part of our being. All you have to do is remember back to when you were a kid. All those magical adventures and times where it was effortless. We just lived it.


Artist: David Salle “Angels in the Rain” 1993

Versus a fear-based and reactive approach approach where I’m looking for what will go wrong, what I don’t want to have happen, what can I avoid, who do I need to impress, I hope he/she doesn’t think this or that, etc. etc. Remember, also, old programming is current programming. If something affected you years ago but still has a “negative charge” it is part of your current outlook and needs to be resolved.

See, the issue is we can get very subtly sucked into patterns. Patterns of thought and patterns of behavior and it’s all so “under the radar” that it is often difficult to see for yourself. This is where a coach or other impartial person can really help bring those patterns out of the dark and into the light – where we can see them, accept them, then let them go (if we so choose)

But you KNOW it’s not a healthy pattern if the results are not positive, right? So we really want to bring more creative inventiveness to these areas. Areas like your finances, physical exercise, marketing, personal and business relationships (even parenting).

And the shift is really simple. It amounts to asking yourself better questions, like: “How can I bring more creativity to this challenge/issue/area?” “What can I begin to create today that will give me substantial income in 3-5 years?”

Notice the the solution-based nature of these questions. They “lead” you to rely on your own resourcefulness (it’s all you’ll ever need) to create and find solutions.

Recently a key person decided to leave a project we were both working on and after some initial upset I asked, “How can I be more creative in my response to this challenge?” and I ended up coming up with a “Top 10″ list of responses I could create to move the project forward. After reviewing the list 1 solution stood out and wasted no time and went with it. But it was all created!

One final note: It DOES take courage and strength to listen and act on your creativity. It sometimes can be quite bold and unexpected. Just look at what Steve Jobs did when founding Apple or Picasso with an image like: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

So take the time to ask yourself these questions in select areas of your life on a regular basis. It will bring amazing creative solutions to any area of your life choose.

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