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How To Price Your Artwork with Confidence

How To Price Your Artwork with Confidence

Aletta de Wal | Artist Career Training

Are you tired of playing guessing games to price your art? Pricing is more than costs plus a profit margin. Pricing is a marketing strategy.

Clear justification for the pricing of your work is simply good business practice. Assigning prices for your art is more than throwing down numbers and hoping you get it right. Pricing helps position you and your work in the art market. Even better, it builds trust – an essential ingredient for sales.

You build trust when you get it right and keep prices consistent with demand. No past buyers will feel cheated. Potential collectors will know what to expect. And you reinforce the value of your body of work. Show them that you are going out for business instead of going out of business.

Artists who have been in the art business game for more than a few years know this. If you are just getting the hang of pricing, you can benefit from their experience.

Established artist Alexandria Levin has been painting since 1975 and exhibiting since 1981. Over the years, she has been deeply involved with most phases of both the business and creative ends of being an artist.

Alexandria has been through a recession before and this one does not scare her. In fact, she recently sold work that she was no longer showing and made some real money. Hopelessly organized, outrageously creative, quite perceptive and always ethical, she has written a book on the subject.

Here are a few sample tips from “Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence”

“Consistency is one of the benchmarks of professionalism in the visual arts, especially when it comes to pricing your artwork. Your pricing structure cannot be based on roller coasters, whims and random pork bellies. Being an artist is too personal a business. It is not just the product you create that interests buyers, but often your reputation and persona are part of the deal. If you want your art to have great value in the eyes of others, then you must behave in a way that demonstrates a high level of value. If you want to be taken seriously, then you must act seriously.”

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