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Mac or PC: The Better Choice for Designers?

Mac or PC: The Better Choice for Designers?

Elisha-Rio Apilado


The major software applications, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, are developed for both Mac OSX and PC Windows platform. Basically, there are no real differences between the Adobe CS software on each platform. The only advantage of running the software on a Mac is the advantage of having more tools and applications included that are Mac-only.

However, the PC has a much wider range of software available solely for their platform — especially if you are a designer working in the gaming, 3-D renderings/architecture. In this case, web designers find PCs a better tool since fonts are not a huge concern.

Photographers and designers who do a lot of image rendering/editing also tend to be Mac consumers. This is because Macs have a large amount of photo editing software and tools that are free and Mac only, such as iPhoto. Other than the Adobe CS software, the other photo editing software compatible on Macs are Lightroom and Aperture. PC’s also have almost all the photo editing software available for Macs.

User Friendly

Many designers prefer Macs because of “shortcut” keys. These tricks help efficiency, as the time spent on a project can be drastically reduced. They also allow designers to multi-task and work between many projects.

Of course, PCs have shortcut keys too, although these keys differ between the platforms (i.e. PCs do not have the command key). Mac’s also offer the ability to easily maneuver projects with the Spaces function. This lets designers organize windows into groups to reduce desktop clutter and makes work easy to find.

PC developers are continually in competition with Mac and as a result their designs are also easy to use, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. They have developed their own work-flow style that may not be as minimal as the Mac, but is still friendly and usable.

Ultimately, choosing between Mac and PC is a personal choice for the designer. Usually, design schools have both PC and Macs available so students can learn how to design on both machines. Although, the majority of the big shot design companies work on Macs. But there are companies that also use PCs or offer the designer the option to choose. My advice is to be able to work on both Mac and PC, as well as know the pros and cons of each computer.

The most important thing to remember, especially if you’re in a Mac and PC environment, is to make sure that you save files so they are compatible and can be read.

Lastly, the type of computer you design on doesn’t determine the outcome or creativity of your work. Computers are just the vessel used to communicate your ideas. In the end, it’s up to you and your skills to make good designs happen!

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