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Mac or PC: The Better Choice for Designers?

Mac or PC: The Better Choice for Designers?

Elisha-Rio Apilado

Designers need the right tools to create. It’s been proven that the Adobe Creative Suite is an essential tool for designers. But the most important choice a designer or design company must make? Choosing between PC and Mac. It’s no secret that the Mac has been labeled the “designer” machine, whereas PCs are solely for stuffy businessmen. But is Mac really the most common computer used by designers? Or really the best choice for that matter?

Why do so many creatives and designers choose Mac over PC? Because it’s trendy? Hopefully not. Hopefully designers think beyond what is cool and look more for a machine that’ll provide the best designs, most efficiently. There’s a lot of research involved in deciding your design computer. Designers must examine the elements of each computer and how the machine itself accommodates the designer’s needs.

Here are a few things Designers should think about when choosing between Mac and PC:

Graphics, Color & Typography

Graphics, color and typography are the three main elements designer’s handle in their daily work, so they need a machine that can manage their needs. Apple has really focused one improving their colors and fonts. This is especially important for print designers, as color and fonts must be the same on screen as they are on printed material. Mac’s offer the advantage of font standardization and many graphic designers and printers that use Macs barely need Opentype fonts. This results in less font conflicts and happier designers — for this reason, many designers lean towards Macs for print design.

Bonus: Many Mac employees are creatives themselves, so they offer an inside look into the mind of creatives and their work habits.

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