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7 Ways to Get your Target Gallery to Represent You

Fine Art Tips

#4. The Walk In

Get ready to sell yourself! This is a more aggressive approach which may or may not work – it all depends on how attuned you feel with the director or owner. There are no set rules so be ready to go-with-the-flow. Here are some ideas to help you take that step in the door:

• Just like the ‘cold call’ check the gallery schedule and make sure you are not interrupting a major event or busy time.

• Hopefully you have done your homework and familiarized yourself with the gallery.

• Look your best.

• Ask to speak with the owner or director.

• Be informed and demonstrate that you understand the gallery program.

• Let them know why your work is a good match.

• Do not walk in with paintings tucked under your arm – this looks desperate.

• Leave a business card with your website information or a portfolio for their review.

• Don’t overwhelm them with too much information, leave them wanting more.

• Walk in with a good attitude.

• Be courteous.

Now let’s say they really like you and things have gone well…they might ask to have you send them a few paintings for their approval – or they might ask to see some work in person. At this point (this has worked for many of my artist friends, especially when they are on a road trip) have few small framed samples of your best work out in the car!

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