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7 Ways to Get your Target Gallery to Represent You

Fine Art Tips

#3. The Cold Call

This is where you pick up the phone and call the chosen gallery and pitch yourself…

• Practice your pitch at home and rehearse it on a friend who will be honest with you!

• Have a notepad with your thoughts outlined so you don’t ramble.

• At this point, be ready to sell yourself because there is no artwork to hide behind over the telephone. Here are a few hints to help you make that call…

1. Check the gallery hours and exhibition schedule.

2. If there is an event scheduled, make your call at least a week before or a week after the after the event. You minimize the risk of interrupting a busy and stressed out director.

3. It is best to make phone calls either in the morning or at the end of the day. This is when busy directors most generally are at their desks.

4. Avoid calling on Mondays and Fridays…make calls during the middle of week.

5. Ask to speak with the Director. If he/she is not available ask when he/she will be available and do not leave a message. (You might not get a return call) This way, you can call back later.

5. Keep the conversation short, friendly and to the point.

6. Introduce yourself, explain that you are interested in their gallery, and briefly tell them a little bit about you and your art and why you are a match for them.

7. Follow up the conversation with an email linking to your website or attach a few jpeg images of your work – do this within a day so they don’t forget you.

8. Mention in your email that if you don’t hear back from them, you will check back – give them one to two weeks.

9. Or ask the gallery if they would prefer a portfolio, slides or a website to review.

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