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Alternative Spaces for Exhibiting Your Work

Rhonda Schaller | ArtyShark

Create Your Own Opportunities

I started Ceres Gallery in 1984, in NYC when I was 26 years old, just a few years out of art school with a group of women I met at the NY Feminist Art Institute who cared about feminist ideas, and we created a space for women to perform and to show, which is still going strong 26 years later. In 1998 I created the Rhonda Schaller Studio, where I transformed my working art studio into a gallery. My latest venture is Schaller +Jaquish Art Projects, which is an online gallery and a living room salon in Hoboken, NJ.

Artists Aura Moser, Jocelyn Gilead and Hazinat attending Wisdom Vision and Craft workshop, part of the living room salon series, photo by gbehrens

And on it goes. As artists, we need to come up with new ideas, be flexible, nimble and able to function in chaos. Always try out new exhibition ideas and places to show. What’s there to lose? There is a public waiting to experience your vision and your work. DIY – put it out there.

I read once, a statement by artist Faith Ringgold that has always stayed with me, she said (and I paraphrase) If they don’t let you play in their ball game, then start your own game. I love that, and let that guide my steps. It can guide yours too. On her blog in a Letter to the NY Times by Faith Ringgold May 27, 2009 she states “Florence Kennedy once told me to, “Write about you’re own damn self” . .. and so she did. You can too. Let yourself be heard.

Rhonda Schaller is an artist, gallerist, and creative/career/life coach. She is the Assistant Director, Career Development for New York’s School of Visual Arts where she teaches creative visualization, career strategies and professional development. She is the author of “Called or Not, Spirits are Present“, published by Blue Pearl Press and contributing writer for the upcoming book “Starting Your Career as a Fine Artist ” by Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller to be published by Allworth Press, 2011.

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