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Alternative Spaces for Exhibiting Your Work

Rhonda Schaller | ArtyShark

Find Role Models to Help
You Explore Alternative Spaces

There are so many great artists out there doing alternative shows in alternative spaces to use as role models. Perhaps your work is based on social or political beliefs, and it plays best in public places such as plazas, lobbies, rooftops, and parks. Your work does not have to float in a sea of white walls in a gallery setting to be valid or have meaning.

Check out The Wassaic Project, run by artists on farm land in upstate NY. Another one I like is Slideluck Potshow , an organization of artists who are dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. SLPS operates multimedia slideshows combined with potluck dinners in about forty cities around the world.

Perhaps you work with ice and cast away materials, and your work degrades over time, commenting on our planned obsolescence culture. There is an artist in Slovenia who I love who has been doing this for years, Elena Fajt who works with hair that salons throw away.

Authentic artists doing authentic alternative work in alternative venues – some they have created themselves some are hybrid models – all speak to changing lives, are beautiful, soulful and meaningful.

Look for artists who are doing interesting things that you resonate with. Read about them, email them, talk to them, build a community – and then do your own thing. A group of artists that I have mentored from SVA started a group called Radiant Mayhem, which is a contemporary Art Salon of visual professionals dedicated to the expansion of creative development. They work together to support and enlarge their practices, both individual and collective. This is fabulous. What a glorious path! You can do it too.

You might plan a guerilla happening installation in front of a busy office tower, and video the work and the passersby. Watch how people interact with your work and see it come alive in the process. Blog about it, send out a press release, invite your audience to take a part of it with them and recycle the rest. The options are limitless.

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