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Alternative Spaces for Exhibiting Your Work

Rhonda Schaller | ArtyShark

Portfolio Sites

To create a visibility trail, it is important that your work be “googleable”. In addition to your own website, there are portfolio sites that have multiple artists which are great “finds”. There are some wonderful portfolio sites to be a part of, and then there are those to avoid. You will have to decide, based on your goals which ones make sense to you.

Some charge a monthly fee. I see nothing wrong with a membership fee, a monthly fee to house your work on a site, month after month. Again, research the reach of each site, see the artists who participate and research what a variety of artists likes or dislikes have been with their involvement. Then, weigh it against your goals. Are you looking to increase your audience, experience, or sales? Ask yourself, which portfolio site has work that you relate to and feel you would like to be a part of? Then go for it. I also see nothing wrong with an application fee, every university charges you to apply to their BFA or MFA program. Every artist needs to decide what the ROI (return on investment) is for any exhibition, and then budget and participate or not accordingly.

Talk to other artists who are using these sites, and ask questions! Find out through networking and researching if your audience visits the sites you are considering. If you do not know, then try it for a while, and then assess it. Is the ROI (return on your investment) of either time or money being returned to you in ways you want, in ways that make sense for you?

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