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Alternative Spaces for Exhibiting Your Work

Rhonda Schaller | ArtyShark

Online Galleries and Art Registries

I really like online galleries and art files/registries. I run an online gallery which features works by photographer John Sumner and others.

Many curators and gallerists find artists for group shows by looking through online galleries and art file sites. Curators of non-profit galleries and alternative art centers will use them to curate their own shows. Many years ago I remember being included in “Night of 1000 Drawings” show at Artist Space, in support of their mission. This was because I had my work on file in their art registry, and was invited to participate. It was great, I did and the drawing sold, and I had a new collector to add to my mailing list.

Independent curators will visit art registries to find artists to include in their proposals for shows. Research the sites and registries you feel an affinity towards, either because of their mission statement, or you can relate to the other work they have on file. Google them, see if they are being talked about on blogs or if there is any feedback to help you pick and choose. Then follow your intuition, if it feels like a good fit – go for it.

Being part of artist registries and online art files can lead to exhibition opportunities, and sales to private collectors from all over the country, and the world.

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