5 Unique Ways to Get Creative Juices Flowing

5 Unique Ways to Get Creative Juices Flowing

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2. Draw The Dictionary

• A dictionary isn’t just a tool for a writer. It’s a wonderful brainstorm tool for anyone.

• After all, it contains every word in the English language, so you won’t find a broader source of inspiration.

• Flip to a random page and pick a random word. Repeat. Repeat again.

• Eventually, you’ll start building a list of random words. Do any of them naturally fit together? Do they draw create an image in your mind? What do they have in common?

3. Forced Association

• In a way, forced association is related to an activity for which you might use your inspiration file.

• To start you’ll need a couple of different categories of content. It could be images, words or a combination of the two. To create these categories, you can base them on your subject matter, your medium, the emotion you want to convey, etc.

• Now, select one image or word from each of your categories and force a connection between them. How are they related or similar? If you combine them, what do they make? The strength of the relationship isn’t important. It’s more important to find some sort of connection.

• In no time, you’ll find a pair that seems to be a natural fit and sends your creative energy in some new and unique direction.

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