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8 Tips for Keeping Your Art Portfolio Fresh

8 Tips for Keeping Your Art Portfolio Fresh

Elisha-Rio Apilado

6. Keep art-ing.

Don’t just stick with the work you already have; continue to draw and create. Just because it has made it into your portfolio does not mean it’s locked in. You can always make additions as well as changes. Yes, coming up with new material may take awhile and a lot of hard work, but it shows you’re determined and serious about your work, as well as passionate. Try out the new skills you’ve gained. Execute the many creative ideas you have locked in your mind. Whatever it is, get out of comfort zone and create!

7. Keep only finished pieces of work for your portfolio.

On that note — keep creating but don’t do a rushed job just to include it in your portfolio. Portfolios are meant for the best of the best. The strongest pieces need to be seen first by employers and clients.

8. Exemplify artwork that is appropriate for the industry.

You can go in many directions within art and design (i.e. package design, information design, fine arts). Be sure to present a wide range of skills in your portfolio and if you’re applying for a particular industry, showcase works that fits that industry. For example, applying for a magazine design job requires a portfolio that has creative layout designs. At times, you may not have enough works in that area to show off — make some!

Keeping your portfolio current and up-to-date is a vital part of an artist’s/designer’s life. It shows you are serious, determined, and paying attention to art trends. Companies rebrand themselves all the time in order to make their services and products appeal to present times, showcase new ideas, strengths and set themselves apart from the rest. You owe it to yourself and your work to display your best. Create an up-to-date portfolio and be proud to show it off!

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