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Top 10 Cheap Mobile Photography Apps

Jose Fermoso | ArtBistro

7. PicSay (Android OS)

PicSay (Android OS): This app offers several of the same color effects as others but it’s known for its tagging word balloon, stickers, and other silly features. They can make taking even the dullest mobile photo a fun and creative activity.

Pros: It’s the closest thing to a Japanese Purikura photobooth. You can add beards, glasses, or even lightsabers to a picture of a relative. Or even switch body parts with furry animal! But since everyone knows a few words can be as important as a picture, the ability to personalize photos with text makes it a great option for sweet, mid-day messages between friends.

Cons: The pro version should not be as expensive as it is. And the UI needs polish.

Price: Free for regular version, $4.70 for Pro version with additional features

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