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Top 10 Cheap Mobile Photography Apps

Jose Fermoso | ArtBistro

6. Mobile Photoshop Express (Android and iPhone OS)

Mobile Photoshop Express (Android and iPhone OS): It was inevitable. The makers of the most popular desktop photo software tool in the world combat the rise of private app creators.

Pros: Photoshop users will love the familiar, classic features. The UI is easy, using simple drag and drop finger swipes to adjust color, crop pics, and add a myriad of awesome effects like sepia tinting and soft-focus. One of the best features is the smart auto color-correct function that brightens and adjusts contrast to proper levels. Finally, the addition of an online image site,, to upload and store photos from your phone, puts it over the top. You don’t even have to register.

Cons: Just like the desktop Photoshop, the abundance of options makes it hard to maximize the value of all of the available edit settings in a short amount of time. Also, support for uploading videos to the online store is slow.

Price: Free

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