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Top 10 Cheap Mobile Photography Apps

Jose Fermoso | ArtBistro

5. ColorSplash (iPhone OS)

ColorSplash (iPhone OS): This app does one thing very well: Desaturates colors to create distinctive, evocative pictures. Desaturation takes a photo you’ve taken, or one you take while using the program, and removes most of the color except for a part you choose. For example, if you take a picture of a girl holding a red balloon in a crowd, you can focus on the balloon by isolating the red color. You can do this through transparent color additions, hard and soft-edged, or opaque fill-in settings.

Pros: This is a fun app simply because it creates beautiful pictures. It also makes nice use of the iPhone’s touch screen technology through a responsive UI that helps you choose the objects you want to leave with color. You can also automatically save different versions of photos to compare and contrast.

Cons: You can’t change the color of an object to one that is different from the original picture. Also, users have noted the app often downgrades the image quality of edited images, meaning you can’t blow up pictures to a poster size.

Price: $2

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