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Top 10 Cheap Mobile Photography Apps

Jose Fermoso | ArtBistro

4. Camera Genius (iPhone OS)

Camera Genius (iPhone OS): Pro photographers regard anti-shake features in DSRLs as relatively useless. They believe lens and image processor are more important when making good pictures. And it’s sensible logic. But when you’re taking spontaneous pictures of your friends on the run, the feature can be useful. Enter Camera Genius’ awesome anti-shake indicator bar, which tells you exactly how much your hand is moving the application away from a clear picture into fuzziness.

Pros: Phone camera hobbyists who want to line up their picture library’s existing metadata at the end of the year will love this. Data available includes location, date, and time settings. Also comes with a decent burst mode for action pictures, video capture mode, and a guide through photography concepts like the rule of thirds.

Cons: The flash mode is inconsistent and you can’t quickly delete pictures from inside the app. Also, the UI seems old compared to other apps such as Camera Bag.

Price: $2

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