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Top 10 Cheap Mobile Photography Apps

Jose Fermoso | ArtBistro

3. Snapture (iPhone OS)

Snapture (iPhone OS): Want old-school analog filters like those found in CameraBag with the flexibility of instant zoom found in modern digital cameras? Then this is your app. With two screen taps, you can pinpoint specific parts of a photo at 5X zoom without moving the phone at all.

Pros: The option of setting colors before shooting pictures is a nice addition for users wanting control over this key part of photography. Its photo queuing program is also useful. It gives you the ability to choose pictures through the viewfinder at one time, send them to different social programs, or view and delete them on the fly.

Cons: Unlike single-use digital cameras, a picture doesn’t show up fully focused until after you’ve taken it. So the end results can be surprising and if you’re looking for a specific look, it can take a while.

Price: $2

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