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Creative Jolt! 6 Ways to Get Inspired

Creative Jolt! 6 Ways to Get Inspired

Elisha-Rio Apilado

Having the ability to draw, paint, and turn our imagination/ideas into reality in a variety of media is an amazing gift. You’re able to put out into the world what you visualize. The execution of making an idea an actual object/drawing has a variety of processes — and sometimes even getting to the point of formulating an idea to later convert into art can have its difficulties.

We’re artists, but we’re also human beings; living in the real world with events, emotions, work/school and, at times, can get distracted. We’ve all been there — You have your paper and pencil set in front of you but everything is blank. You have an idea, but you’re having trouble translating that concept into colors, typography, brush strokes, etc.

Inspiration is the fuel for an artist/design; it’s what gets our creative juices flowing. It’s natural for that imagination to have it’s slow days and fizzle out, it doesn’t mean that you’re losing your talent, it just means you need some new material, a new set of eyes, or just to look at another’s artwork. Ideas form from other ideas and experimentation. Nothing is quite original and there’s always a story of inspiration behind every artwork. Anything can inspire the artist.

So what is it that you do when you can’t seem to find that calling? You’ve got to take action and find inspiration on your own! So where do you even begin? Look around you. You’ve got inspiration everywhere. Indoors, outside, on the web, in literature, music, film — everywhere!

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