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Creative Jolt! 6 Ways to Get Inspired

Elisha-Rio Apilado

Art Talk with Other Artists


Networking, of course! You don’t just have to network to find a job. You can network and share your work with other artists. Other artists in your field of work aren’t your competitors; they’re your peers. You all share the love of creating an image from mere idea. Get critiques and opinions of your work! Or even discuss ideas with other artists — you could maybe find yourself eventually collaborating on an art project with them someday. See how other artists approach ideas. It may inspire you to start an art project a different way.

There’s also the option of going to art exhibitions or gallery openings. This not only let’s you view other artists’ works, but you can also meet and greet other artists. Everybody is very unique and it’s highly unlikely an artist will have the same idea as you. Online art communities just like ArtBistro allow you to chat and post topics in forums. Do it!

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