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Top Fashion Industry Job Descriptions and Trends

Top Fashion Industry Job Descriptions and Trends


Marketing and Brand Management

Your job as a fashion marketer or brand manager: to rev up fashion sales. You’ll need to have a fantastic knowledge of fashion and marketing techniques such as brand equity and consumer buying habits. Even in the current economy, consumers still need to buy clothes and brands and fashion houses need to sell them. Your mission is to create the vision, positioning, segmentation and marketing strategy for your company or client.

Management Consultant
• Analyze and propose ways to improve an organization’s structure, efficiency or profits
• Examine, identify areas of concern and map out how the different areas of a business shape each other

Marketing Executive
• Develop a company’s comprehensive marketing strategy
• Determine the demand for products and services offered by the company and its competitors
• Identify budding markets
• Develop pricing strategy with an eye towards maximizing the company’s share of the market and its profits while ensuring that the company’s customer are satisfied
• Monitor trends
• Indicate the need for new products and services and oversees product development
• Develop the company, brand’s or designer’s marketing plan

Brand Manager
• Manage existing products
• Improve existing products and develop or create new products by predicting consumer desires
• Work with product development and market research departments

Market Research Analyst
• Examine what drives people to buy a product; customer behaviors
• Combine quantitative data with market knowledge to better promote a product
• Use tools such as statistical analysis packages, surveys, focus groups and new product tests to help attain success for a product

International Marketing Director
• Work with international export markets
• Handle market planning, sales; forecasting and merchandising development internationally
• Responsible for impacting strategic growth in key markets
• Develop a marketing plan, distribution strategy and materials to establish and support international sales
• Manage the proposal writing for overseas accounts
• Create sales and marketing presentations and publications for overseas accounts
• Identify, assess and recommend new product development opportunities

• Creates a business plan for their business
• Owns the company and knows when to re-examine management strategies
• Responsible for cash flow, expansion, liquidity and corporate governance
• Hires management and staff

Internet Account Coordinator
• Understand what your clients need from an online service
• Distribute fashions via the internet
• Promote your client’s website through banners as well as other forms of advertisements of the web
• Monitor when consumers enter your client’s website
Formulate stats and reports for each client around the success of the above initiatives

E-Commerce Catalog Manager
• Manage and oversees the loading and maintenance of all product information, product specials, product
promotions, product reviews, technical guides, new products and in depth product content or the e-commerce store
• Interact with all levels of management, team members and vendors to ensure good communication

Internet Marketing Coordinator
• Analyze business documents, raw data and internet sites with the ability to make marketing and strategy recommendations to department management
• Responsible for researching marketing strategies for successful web promotion, advertising and promotion concepts
• Analyze the marketplace and competitor websites and recommends strategies of how to enhance marketing via the web

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