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Top Fashion Industry Job Descriptions and Trends

Top Fashion Industry Job Descriptions and Trends


Public Relations

A fashion publicist helps both apparel companies/ brands and retail stores build a desired image to reach their target audience and then maintain it by a variety of creative promotions. They observe social, economic and political trends and decide what could ultimately have an effect on their client and make recommendations for a variety of media events that will put their client in a favorable light with their target audience.

Fashion Show Producer
• Produce and direct both live and video fashion shows
• Write script, design storyboard, select music and hire models

Fashion Director/ Coordinator
• Develop and maintain a retailer’s comprehensive fashion perspective
• Plan the fashion line and give it direction
• Research trends and develop concept to assure the line a strong image

Event Coordinator
• Coordinate all fashion events for a brand, designer or fashion house
• Deal with logistics such as catering, press, celebrity appearances, visuals and production
• Maintain all attendees in database software
• Organize and distribute printed materials and send out invitations

Advertising Account Executive
• Manage one or more clients for client
• Develop inclusive concepts for promotions
• Put together special sales/themes
• Generate advertising campaigns and materials
• Plan, create, place media advertisements and evaluate the effectiveness of the ads placed

Public Relations Specialists
• Generate positive publicity to enhance the client’s reputation
• Provide news and press releases for journalists and bloggers
• Handle requests for information and interviews
• Write press releases and create sales and marketing material

Beauty Adviser • Represent a cosmetic line in a retail store
• Provide customer consultation; speak on products and beauty knowledge
• Responsible for having knowledge about products, their use and benefits
• Knowledge of competitors and additional corporate cosmetic lines

• Plan and execute fashion merchandise for photographic representation in an advertisement or a catalog
• Select colors, prints or styles for presentation
• Set trends from Ready-to-Wear fashion to Haute Couture

Fashion Editor
• Analyze the fashion scene and interprets it for readers
• Determine the direction, set the tone and control the quality of a publication’s content
• Sample and select the merchandise that will be featured in the article
• Assign articles to freelance writers and edits pieces to fit the publication’s style
• Travel to fashion shows around the world
• Communicate frequently with publicists, designers, buyers and stylists

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