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Top Fashion Industry Job Descriptions and Trends

Top Fashion Industry Job Descriptions and Trends


Merchandising and Retail

A job is fashion merchandising will have you working on everything from product development, promoting, buying and selling fashion to working for a textile manufacturer, a designer or a fashion retail outlet. Being well versed in all aspects of the fashion industry is a must; you’re required to be in touch with market trends as well as popular styles in a specific location, culture, age, economic group or trend.

Assistant Merchandiser
• Assists Merchandiser in communicating with different departments
• Maintain and follow-up with contacts and department heads under direction of Merchandiser
• Excellent communication, verbal and organizational skills

Associate Merchandiser
• Strong color sense and analytical skills
• Firm knowledge of garment construction, costing, and fabric sourcing
• Strong organizational, verbal and communication skills

VP of Merchandising/ Design
• Recognize and identify new trends
• Knowledge of fabric sourcing, importing and costing
• Strong organizational skills
• Able to lead a successful design team
• Carry out buy meetings, manage sample approval process and communicate with stores
• Experienced in International merchandising and design
• Oversee creative and sales merchandising staff
•Solid merchandising and design skills are required
• Able to work with all departments including: sales, design directors, production, advertising and public relations

Merchandise Manager
• In charge of direction and executes creative vision based on current trends
• Knowledge of marketplace and has a history in sales
• Oversees all aspects of product development
• Develops time-lines and product completion dates
• Conducts meetings; in charge of all aspect from concept to production
• Strong management and presentation skills

Visual Merchandiser/ Display Director
• Creates highly successful visual presentation that coerce the prospective customer to stop, look and buy
• Creates window and or interior merchandise displays throughout the store
• Creates winning showcases for new ideas, concepts and products
• Coordinate marketing, merchandising and retailing in communicating with the targeted customer
• Presents design concepts and store layouts; in charge of developing the retail image
• Supervises all wall and counter displays

Product Specialist • Develop products from research, to production, distribution, presentation and customer reception
• Responsible for assessing the competition and planning for future product lines
• Manages and strengthens brands through various products

Personal Shopper/ Wardrobe Consultant • Service the consumer by pre-selecting merchandise for various clientele
• Shows customers how to pair fashion items to enhance their personal or professional image, or create their “own” look
• Plan and manage client’s wardrobe and purchases

Department Manager
• Oversee all department operations
• Responsible for a department’s merchandise flow and displays
• Train and direct sales staff

Store Manager
• Oversees all store personnel and operations in a particular venue
• Executes customer service and human resource policies
• Plans and prepares work schedules
• Coordinates sales promotions
• Informs buyers of merchandise needs

Showroom Representative
• Organizes designer’s collection
• Shows the line to buyers and handles various accounts for the designer
• Takes inventory of the merchandise and write orders
• Keeps the showroom and the designer organized

Director of Customer Relations/ Sales
• Evaluates customer requirements and decision-making processes and responds to their expectations • Leads the sales force
• Manages costs and make sure all operations and initiatives are introduced and profitable

• Determines the store’s merchandising budget and sets sales goals
• Establishes the quality level and price points for the merchandise to be carried
• Sets up markup targets and potential profitability
• Directs the store’s merchandise profitability
• Collects and prepares the merchandise
• Conveys information to the design staff
• Plans product categories, classes and types
• Balances stock and analyze sizes with sales in mind

Manufacturing Executive
• Coordinates production of the factory floor
• Supervises production, employees and check inventory levels
• Make sure sales representatives’ orders are being filled, oversees equipment maintenance and employee needs
• Meets with and negotiates with clients
• Recruits new business and checks with customers’ inventory levels
• Maintains and improves wholesale turnover

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