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How To Regain Your Confidence as an Artist

How To Regain Your Confidence as an Artist

Eric Maisel

The first step is creating a working life purpose sentence or statement. You take into account the values you want to uphold, the dreams and goals you have for yourself, the vision you have of how you want to represent yourself and comport yourself in the world, and spend real time turning all that enormous, unwieldy, but also intuitively available material into a coherent statement of your core sentiment about your life.

When you do this work you may discover that your multiple life purposes taken together read like the following: “I will make use of myself every day in the service of truth-telling and other important values while at the same time getting some real satisfaction out of life through love and work.” This is one example of a solid life purpose statement upon which a life purpose vision can be built.

Here is the life purpose statement that Liz, a painter, created and sent to me: “I will triumph over the evil that was done to me, which gave me false limitations. I will participate in loving relationships. I will live well and make a meaningful life by working hard to become the best painter I can be, through drawing and painting five or six days a week.” Marcia, a singer-songwriter trying to manage her mood swings and her stress, riffed on the word “instrument”: “My instrument is tuned for the world to move through me. I care for my instrument to keep it tuned. I take care in how I place my instrument in the world.” You can tell by these examples that everybody arrives at a different way of expressing their life purpose statement. There is no single way and no correct way.

Once you’ve created your life purpose statement you’ll want to do the following. You will need to “translate” those words into a feeling in your body and a message in your brain so that your life purpose intentions are really and readily available to you as you lead your life. You want your intentions available to you all the time and in real time.

The third step is to begin to live your life based on your life purpose vision. Your life purpose vision is a starting point; life may alter and transform it. A life purpose vision is not a substitute for continually practicing self-awareness and monitoring the meaning issues in your life. When you agree to commit to active meaning-making you agree to participate in a lifetime adventure of deciding where to make meaning investments, both with respect to the next hour and with respect to the many meaning questions that continually arise over time.

Your life purpose vision, as rich and robust as it may be, is not a static thing. As you take new meaning opportunities, embark on new meaning adventures, and make new meaning investments you are providing yourself with new, updated information about what you intend to value and what you want your life to mean. Accordingly you’ll want to update your life purpose vision as needed. Identify your vision; live it; and update it as necessary. This is bound to breed self-confidence!

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