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Six Tips to Becoming a Craft Show Superstar

Six Tips to Becoming a Craft Show Superstar

Rebecca McQuigg Rigal | GOOD

4. Ask questions. You know what people are interested in more than anything else? Themselves. Take a genuine interest in the people you meet, and they’ll like you. This goes for talks and lectures too. Try to facilitate conversations, not only between yourself and members of the audience, but between attendees. If people feel good about this event, and you’re the facilitator, you’ve succeeded.

5. Selling isn’t everything. Meeting people in real life is about connections. If you’re trying to sell your idea or product to someone who doesn’t need it or want it, you’ve wasted a connection. Perhaps that person happens to know a supplier who could really help you out. So tell your story and ask for theirs, you never know how you can help or inspire each other.

6. Brand yourself. Your outfit, your choice of words, the color of your tablecloth—this is your brand. When you make these choices, ask yourself, what is this saying to my audience? You don’t have to become a brand robot. Have fun.

There are tons of resources out there to help you find the right shows to attend, fill out craft show applications, network offline, display your work creatively, and more, so do your homework. And don’t forget to bring a camera so you can prove to the Internet that you exist in real life, too!

Do you have craft show experience? Add your tips in the comments below!

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