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Journal Your Way to Art World Success

Journal Your Way to Art World Success

Eric Maisel

Hello, Dr. Maisel: There are so many things I need to get done in order to have an art career—and I can’t keep my thoughts straight about any of it! How can I get my thoughts under better control? Leslie R., Orlando

Thanks, Leslie!

The trick is to identify a clear intention and then to get your thoughts aligned with that intention. Here’s a technique for helping you do just that—focused journaling. This focused way of journaling has the following components:

1. You identify an issue

2. You examine its significance

3. You identify core questions

4. You tease out intentions

5. You notice what shadows get activated

6. You identify the strengths you bring

7. You align your thoughts with your intentions

8. You align your behaviors with your intentions

How does this process work?

Imagine a painter who is having trouble making sense of the next steps in her career. She paints pretty regularly, is pretty happy with both the number of paintings she finishes and with their quality, but feels stuck trying to decide “how to market herself.” She can’t really align her thoughts with her intentions yet because she doesn’t have any clear intentions, just the general intention “to market myself somehow.” Her first step is to zero in on a clear intention by chatting with herself via journaling.

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