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How to Keep Up with Graphic Design Trends

How to Keep Up with Graphic Design Trends

Elisha-Rio Apilado

Get Out of Your Comfortable Box

Whether you’re working as a freelancer or even just a design student/employee, artists tend to stay in their comfort zone and continue to do what they know best. Stop! Introduce yourself to new surroundings and other graphic artists. Working on similar projects will lessen your chance of knowing what is new in the larger design world. It’s really simple. Just connect with other artists and talk! You can get a fresh perspective and get to know how other artists deals with design problems. Doing this keeps you open-minded and able to experiment.

Subscribe to Design Magazines and Catalogs

Yes, this may be expensive to do, but don’t let it stop you! Head over to the local bookstore and read up on the latest issue of Print magazine or maybe Communication Arts magazine. These publishing are full of the latest nationwide (Sometimes even worldwide!) design trends Haven’t you ever wondered what graphic design looks in another country — say Japan? Catalogs can help you keep track of the software trends in the art world such as Adobe Creative Suites and Wacom tablets.

Stay on Top of the Media Circulating Around You Every Single Day

There’s so much media out there, whether it be in the form of print, film, music, the internet and it can contain the hottest trends in the arts. Online social networks, especially YouTube, can house great content for trends (for example: kinectic typography videos). And of course the internet has plenty of content from articles to graphic design websites. Some designers also have their own blogs and post work they’ve done or works they’ve seen. Everybody who contributes to the internet’s large collection of artwork can always be a potential collaborator. The film and music industry has plenty of art that you may have overlooked such as CD cover art or movie posters. Study the different art treatments on movie posters now compared to those back in the 1960s. You’ll definitely see a different art movement in each.

Discuss in Discussion Forums

Now you can discuss with other artists from your very own home. Art discussion forums can let you do exactly that, DISCUSS. You can get a glimpse of what artists think of a particular ad campaign or art exhibition. You can even get feedback from others on your own portfolio. You never know what new information you can get from other people. They may just know the hottest up and coming graphic design trend! Chat with other art professionals in the ArtBistro forums!

Graphic Design Literature

There are a plethora of graphic design books at bookstores and libraries. Take advantage of it and make read these prints. You can find resource after resource and so much information in these publishings. Now, they may not be as current as the articles in magazines published monthly, but they do still contain valuable information. Once again, you can see the history of art evolving in these books. Revisiting a graphic design trend from before may have the potential of becoming a renewed graphic design trend!

Remember, much of today’s trends are a glimpse into the graphic design movements of the past. Remember, there’s a constant parallel between the past, present and future. Keeping up with the current design trends as well as having a good knowledge of the past will make you a better design in the long-run.

You can gain so much inspiration if you stop and reflect what you’ve encountered in your work. So stay active, keep your eyes peeled and ears unplugged. The graphic arts is ever-changing and it’s solely up to you to catch up to it. Always remember the basics of graphic design, but welcome the newest trends with an open mind. It will be beneficial in your journey to become a well-rounded artist.

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